5 Safety Tips for Your Next Night Out

5 Safety Tips for Your Next Night Out

Who doesn’t like to party? There’s good food, great music, and fun company! It’s a great way to unwind and reward oneself after long hours at the office. However, try not to get too carried away. A night of partying can put you at risk too. Keep reading in order to steer clear from such risks. Carina Ride has listed down a couple of tips that you should keep in mind:

  1. Invite your friends along.

    There’s nothing wrong with going solo. However, you have to admit it’s a lot safer when you have someone to watch your six. Hit up your friends ahead of time. When there are more in a group, there are more laughs to be had. Plus, criminals would think twice before approaching you.

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  2. Watch your drink.

    We all know that drinking and driving don’t go well together. We don’t just mean this as a warning for you to limit your alcohol intake.

    What we mean is exactly just that; pay more attention to your drink. Don’t let your glass go out of your sight. Remember, you wouldn’t exactly know everyone at the party. Even if you did, you won’t have any way to know their intentions.

    You wouldn’t want your drink to be spiked, would you? Long story short, it pays to be safe than to be sorry.

  3. Keep your activities in well-lit areas.

    Don’t take the shortcut down a back alley. Instead, follow well-lit sidewalks with plenty of people. These areas are more likely to be equipped with a CCTV that discourages perpetrators.

  4. Hide your valuables from plain sight.

    Jewelry, gadgets, and even smartphones can be a temptation to crooks down the street. Avoid advertising them as much as you can! You’re an easy target when you’re drunk.

    As a countermeasure, you can store your necessities in zipped pockets and bags. If you must bring your valuables, be sure to keep a keen eye out.

  5. Arrange your mode of transport.

    Will you be using a taxi? A rideshare service? Or carpool? If you’ve decided on the last option, do you have a designated driver ready, hopefully, one that can hold their promise not to drink alcohol either?

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